About Us

The American Muscle Car Club was an idea mooted by one Allan Edwards in 1986. He got together some other like-minded petrol heads, namely Dave Loose, Graham Matassa, Bill Dunne, Gary Quennin and Gary Raiti, who decided at an informal get together to start a club which predominantly revolved around American Muscle Cars. After much discussion and debate, it was decided that the factory horsepower wars were between 1961-1971 and although there were High-Performance vehicles before and after this ten-year period they would only be eligible for associate membership.

There was a lot of debate about modified cars i.e. Blowers out of bonnets etc. and initially this was not to be allowed. With cars to be as original looking as possible. To be a full member the car also had to be in a clean-finished condition, no rust, primed areas etc.

Accordingly, a constitution and set of Club Rules were drawn up, this was kept on a casual basis until November 1991 when the Club became an incorporated society and the constitution was formalized. The main object for which the club was formed was " To encourage the acquisition, preservation and maintenance of 1961-1971 American Muscle Cars".

The club has grown from the original 10 -15 members to over 180 current members. The AMCC is a family orientated club with strong social content.

We have many diverse types of cars, which makes the display of these vehicles a lot more interesting than 1 marque type clubs. It also promotes a fair bit of rivalry between the major three brands!

The club has had several successful car shows on a 3 yearly basis, with about 70 cars on display. Since 1988 we have run the annual Fathers Day Drags on the first Sunday in September and this has grown into a must-attend for drag racing fans who like to see not only American but also Australian Muscle Cars competing.

There is a monthly magazine posted out to financial members containing info on upcoming events, items for sale, articles on previous outings, technical and data on American Muscle Cars etc. If you need further info on the club please do not hesitate to email, phone or drop a line to the address's noted on the web site.

Graham Matassa Past President AMCC